Fuel Management System


We are pleased to announce that the Van Manen FMS cardlock locations and fuel card services were acquired by Flyers / Quick Fuel on October 15, 2023.

The 20 FMS locations, mostly in Michigan, will now be managed by the Flyers / Quick Fuel company. Flyers / Quick Fuel companies are members of CFN and Pacific Pride commercial fueling networks along with accepting most major fuel cards. Quick Fuel currently has 48 commercial fueling locations east of the Rockies, including four sites in greater Detroit. We invite you to visit the Quick Fuel website to see additional Quick Fuel locations.

Fuel cards can be managed on the Pacific Pride portal as you currently do today. Drivers can expect no change in their current fueling, although invoices will have a different look and payment address.

Any questions about the company, your account, or billing can be directed to customer service at 866-904-4422.  We look forward to serving you. Flyers and Quick Fuel are brands of World Kinect Corporation, a Fortune 100 global energy company.

On the web at:  www.quickfuel.com
Email us at:  customerservice@quickfuel.com Text us at:  (530)

US Mail:
Flyers / Quick Fuel
2360 Lindbergh St.
Auburn, CA 95602