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Alternative Fuels

Bio-Diesel. The Van Manen Petroleum Group was one of the first distributors to

offer Soy Bio-Diesel to its customers in West Michigan. Blended to strict industry specifications (ASTM D6751), B20 (20% soy, 80% petroleum diesel).  We have the capability of custom blending any percentage of SoyDiesel from B2, B5, B10...B20.



Here are a few suggestions and PRECAUTIONS to take when making the switch to Soy Bio-Diesel:

  • Make sure you buy BioDiesel from a reputable source like VMPG.
  • Buy fuel that is already blended.  This ensures that the BioDiesel has been properly treated for climatic needs - especially true in Michigan winters. BioDiesel is a cleaning agent, which means petroleum deposits may end up in the fuel filter until the system is clean. 
  • Stick to your regular maintenance schedule, unless your vehicle feels sluggish when accelerating.  This is a symptom of a plugged filter and should be checked and changed immediately.

Call one of our Fuel and Lubricant Consultants for a FREE analysis to see how SoyBio-Diesel can start lowering your total costs of petroleum products.



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